ATS Acoustic Baffles

To go along with our quality acoustic panels, ATS Acoustics is now offering acoustic baffles. Instead of attaching to a wall, like panels, baffles are designed to suspend from high ceilings. Because both sides absorb sound, baffles are more efficient than wall panels, which makes them an ideal choice for auditoriums, gyms, sports arenas, commercial/industrial buildings, and other large spaces.

ATS Acoustic Baffles are made with a solid aluminum frame that not only makes them much more durable than most baffles on the market today, but it also gives them clean, crisp lines that won’t sag or dent over time. The 6 lb per cubic foot mineral wool core material gives the baffles an impressive Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) rating of 1.52.  With 18 colors to choose from, ATS Acoustic Baffles are an attractive and effective acoustical treatment for any large open space.