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ATS Acoustic Panels are are in thousands of buildings across the U.S. We are often specified in schools, houses of worship, office environments, and more.

Adrienne, our Construction Specialist is available to assist with takeoffs, bids, submittals, etc.

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ATS Acoustic Panels and Baffles in the Bert-Ogden Arena
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ATS Art Acoustic Panels in Wildcard Brewing Company
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ATS Acoustic Wall Panels at First Baptist Church-El Paso, TX
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ATS Art Acoustic Panels in St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Church
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Custom-Shape Hardened-Edge Panels in Norco Elementary School
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ATS Art Acoustic Panels in Magnolia Cafe
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Custom Cloud-Mounted Acoustic Panels in Studio BE Pilates

Frequently-Specified Products

Our capabilities include hardened-edge acoustic panels that meet common specifications (including fire rating requirements), art acoustic panels, ceiling baffles, and diffusers. We routinely manufacture these products in custom sizes, shapes, fabrics as specified by the building designers.

Hardened Edge Panel Hardened-Edge Panels: These acoustic panels have no internal frame, making them lightweight and suitable for multiple mounting techniques. With architects in mind, we designed these hardened edge panels to meet the industry’s most popular specifications. Available in custom shapes and sizes, and most options are Class A fire rated.
Art Acoustic Panels: For the look of high-end boxed art, infinitely customizable with logos or images, and highly effective sound absorption, ATS art acoustic panels are popular with designers, engineers, and architects. Available with Class A fire rating. Custom Art Image
Baffles Ceiling Baffles: Typically suspended from high ceilings, baffles are more efficient than wall panels since both sides of the baffle are exposed and able to absorb sound. ATS baffles are uniquely designed with a durable aluminum frame that will withstand time and impact, during and after installation. Available with Class A fire rating.
Eco-Panels: ATS Acoustic Eco-Panels are the only brand of customized acoustic treatment that provides superior acoustical performance and impressive environmental stewardship. These sustainable panels are created from recycled materials and designed for improved indoor air quality. ATS Acoustic Eco-Panels are perfect for buildings that qualify for LEED certification, without compromising sound absorption. Custom Art Image

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We are quite happy with the reduction of echo in our room and the aesthetic improvements. The price was excellent and the material is easy to work with.
- Andrae
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