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I have a small 6x6 studio that I use for doing VO. Having a square box creates a lot of acoustic problems. Upon suggestions I added a couple panels to the ceiling which really helped a lot, but I was still getting some mid and treble feedback. I just added a couple more acoustic panels on the wall behind my microphones. I cannot believe how good the acoustics are in my studio. Could not have made it happen without your wonderful product(s).
- Kelvin’s Voice LLC from Sumner, Washington
I’ve ordered 4 panels of different sizes and thickness and have been impressed by the build quality and functionality of each.

Build and shipping times are very fast. I initially ordered panels from a competitor, but after being notified of a month+ build time, I decided to give ATS a try.

ATS will be my goto from now on. Thanks to the ATS team for a great product!

- Austin from New Cumberland, Pennsylvania
My compliments to ATS Acoustics and Ben in particular. You have helped size a reasonable and affordable solution to our Church Fellowship Hall that looks and sounds great!
- Michael from Fort Worth, Texas
Phenomenal product! I am the owner of Olympus Productions, LLC and have been installing these panels for years in our house of worship venues across the southeast. I wouldn’t use anyone else.
- Matthew from Atlanta, Georgia
This company is the best! FedEx lost my order in shipping and within a day or 2 they sent me a brand new box out, no questions asked. Good place to shop.
- James from Williamsburg , Michigan
I received my 4 24x24’’ art acoustic panels today. The quality and performance are impeccable. I would’ve paid twice the price for the same product. Thanks so much for doing what you do so well.
- Nav from Seattle, Washington
I had an orchestra room in a school that had a 2-second echo. This made the room dangerous for the kids and the teacher was beginning to develop hearing loss. So they decided to let me install 80 panels. The echo is completely gone and the overall volume in the room has dropped dramatically. I’d like to post pictures here but I’m not sure how to upload the files...
- Barrett from Ft Myers, Florida
They really work great, a dramatic difference in my sound room for sure, much better curve and listening
- BILL from CORVALLIS, Montana
I have ordered 8 panels slowly as I can afford them of varying sizes (two custom sizes) and each and every time it has been a great experience. Their team is very knowledgeable and welcomes any questions you might have about their products, installation, custom orders, and placement. The panels they make are high quality and even with the time between orders they are all uniform in look and quality. If you want quality panels from a US based company that cares about their product and ensuring its customers are happy and have all the information they need for a killer price. Look no further.
- MICAH from Clayton, North Carolina
My church has been meeting in our Family Life Center, or our gym, for a while now due to Covid. We ordered 20 4X8 panels along with 2 4X4 panels and spaced them around three of the walls. The difference in the sound is amazing, the echo, or ’’slap-back’’ has been greatly diminished. I have had numerous members comment to me how much better it sounds since the panels were installed. Overall, it was a great experience working with ATS, the results speak for themselves!
- Michael Pressley from Elm City, North Carolina
I didn’t know what to expect. I’m designing a new room and wanted 2’’ 703 and some covering fabric. Never having dealt with ATS before I took a leap of faith. When I opened the roll of fabric, I was delighted. It’s exactly what I had in mind. My graphic designer wife oohed and ahhed like the fourth of July as each swatch was unrolled. (I got 5 colors!) I’ll be building frames this week and confident the finish will be as pretty as it is functional. Great price, worry free delivery and product that exactly suits spec.

I’ll be back.
- Dave from Ithaca, New York
Your service is off the page! Have been designing rooms for many years and also providing the acoustic components for my customers. I really have a supplier in ATS I can count on for great products and fast delivery consistently! You have earned a very faithful customer.

Steven Walker AIA, ASA,MS
Genesis Productions
- Steven from Holland, Michigan
The tiles are covered with micro suede and the design of the install is really cool looking.
- Allen from Broomfield, Colorado
It indeed was a pleasure working with Danielle and Cynthia! The two clearly know what they are doing. My wife Mary really likes the way they turned out.
- Hank from Ontario, New York
We are so happy with our newest coffee bag panel, I mentioned we like Blue and it is wonderful. The attention to detail in every panel is noticeable and your customer service is great. I would highly recommend your products.
- Carol from Jacksonville , Florida
I ordered 12 2’’x4’x8’ ’raw’ panels, built frames, and wrapped them in muslin cloth in August 2018. They made an incredible difference in the acoustics of Tangent Recording Studio! Everything is much more balanced, and the peaks and dips in frequency response are greatly improved. Amazing product at a great price!! Thank you so much!
- Philbo from Cedar Rapids, Iowa
Everything was shipped great & the panels just went up. It was a very good install. Thanx for all of the help!
- Marti from Jenera, Ohio
Order received in good order, thanks very much, the products are exactly as requested, you guys and dolls ROCK! Best, Temple of Light
- Temple of Light from Freemont, California
Our conference room has panels on two walls and will then have four on the ceiling. It looks sweet. We did a cool design in our war room and then have the coffee bags in our bathroom.
- Brandon from Royal Oak, Michigan
Our site is open, bright and features a mezzanine for guests. With concrete floors and high ceilings the acoustics upon moving in were not ideal. Having panels have really helped create a welcoming and a comfortable gathering space for craft beer enthusiasts.
- Jenny from Albany, California
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This is one of our Teen uCreate volunteers tuning her ukulele in The Studio, our audio/visual recording space made possible by a grant from the Stratford Rotary Club.
- Geri, Connecticut
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