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Attached is a photo of one of our Teen uCreate volunteers tuning her ukulele in The Studio, our audio/visual recording space made possible by a grant from the Stratford Rotary Club.
- Geri from Stratford, Connecticut
Thank you, ATS!
- Andrew from Culver City, California
Thank you!
- David from El Paso, Texas
We utilized these in the exam room
- Kelly from Lubbock, Texas
These are the sounds tiles in the Oneida Nation Community Education Center.
- Kim from Green Bay, Wisconsin
Thank you!
- Dawn from Newport, Rhode Island
Thanks for the panels!
- Tony from Agoura Hills, California
Just wanted to comment on the customer service at ATS. on my most recent purchase, I just ordered some corner brackets as I was moving some panels in my studio. the order came with only half the needed screws. I sent an email, and was upset at first that I didn’t get a prompt reply. however, a day or 2 later the replacement hardware arrived at my door. outstanding service, prices and products!!
- Russell from Milwaukee, Wisconsin
My home studio...lots of materials from ATS hidden in there.
- Steve Walker Home Studio from Holland, Michigan

Here is an image I took this evening after they were mounted. We are thrilled! The images look even better than I expected.

Many thanks for all your help. I will be getting a few more for my personal office. Thanks again!

- Anne Kustner Lighting Design, LTD from Willmette, Illinois
ATS provided last minute customer service when a competitor failed to create a mockup of my custom panels due to their outsourcing *all* of their graphic design to a vendor who had no sense or care of my contractual agreement. It had a huge impact on my schedule involving coordinating 16 other people and caused a lot of stress. ATS took the project and ran with it.
- Jess from Brooklyn, New York
Phenomenal customer service! Great looking and well built panels, but one of the panels I ordered had a hole in the fabric from a rogue staple from another panel. I reached out to ATS and asked if I could just get a replacement piece of fabric so I could re-wrap the panel myself. Danielle said she could to that, or she could just ship me a whole new panel! Wow! I’m glad I went with ATS!
- Derek from Henderson, Nevada
Recently finished up my listening room utilizing the materials I purchased from ATS Acoustics. The Rigid O.C. 703 2x4 Panels and the Fabric offerings make building treatments a breeze.

The room is now stable and sounds very good! Thanks ATS for offering DIY’ers a place to purchase these necessary products!

Happy Listening, Mike

- Mike from Columbia, Missouri
"You can have ten thousand dollar monitors....if you don’t have ATS panels you are wasting your time recording at home! I LOVE this company." -Anthony Parks Ph.D., Architectural Acoustics, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Senior Software Test Engineer in Digital Signal Processing - Sonos, Inc. ’
- Anthony from Cambridge, Massachusetts
Love the panels and I use them in a modular fashion, moving them from room to room. Mainly when recording drums. Sometimes I want to control the room, sometimes it needs to be more open sounding.
- Tom from Clayton, North Carolina
"ATS Acoustics did a great job building and shipping our panels. We are in a traditional church building with flutter echo and a 4.5 second reverb decay time. The room is so much better now. We were able to take 3 seconds out of the room and eliminate nearly all the flutter echo."
- Community from Hamilton , Ohio

Just received my gray 24x36 acoustic panels in the mail for my bedroom studio. They are such great quality! I was planning ’’DIY’’ but I’m pretty busy and based on my budget and how many I needed these are PERFECT! I hope you guys continue to do such great work and keep your prices affordable because I will recommend these to everyone. Ive done a lot of research and these were the best pricing and look great.
- Anthony from Imperial , Missouri
"My home theater project was a long labor of love but it is finally complete! Thanks ATS for the quality fabric and accessories. Making the acoustic panels was easier than anticipated and using the Rotofast anchors to hang them was a breeze! Night and day difference in sound quality. Ordering more material so I could add panels to the adjacent bar area.

- John from Niagara Falls, New York
I recently ordered a set of 703 panels and a couple of sets of 12x12 foam for my newly built studio. I fabricated my own bass traps and was floored at how drastic the sound difference was. This was my first try a building a recording studio and while the construction was solid, I basically built an echo chamber. If anyone is on the fence of whether to buy or not, I can assure you this is the place to put your money. I tested the room with a zoom H4N with hand claps, drum set and guitars through a tube amp, and it hurt my ears to be in the room. After ATS panels were in the room it virtually has no reverberation or echo. Thank you ATS for helping me get my sound right, at a reasonable price. The shipping was spot on and panels were all in perfect shape. I will be back soon to treat my vocal booth. I’m am happy to have found your company, keep up the great work!
- Jason from Shreveport, Louisiana
"I just wanted to say thank you for the wonderful service we received last week with our order. Everything turned out just perfect and we couldn’t be happier with the look in our newly finished contemporary basement."
- Christina
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I received the panels today and I am thrilled. The art panels are a great 2 in 1 solution.
- Lori
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