Acoustical Considerations in Workplace Architecture

The physical and social environment of a workplace, including cafeterias, employee lounges, and break rooms, can be key factors in measuring employee satisfaction. As well as providing a relaxing area during the work day, meetings and other activities frequently occur in these spaces, and excess noise can interfere with fulfilling objectives.

Some goals to consider when designing an effective and comfortable work space may include:

  • Reducing echo and reverberant noise as much as possible.
  • Controlling the impact of generated noise to surrounding work areas.
  • Minimizing ambient noise from outdoors and nearby conversations.

Custom Acoustic Panels improve a cafeteria environment. (Corflex, Quebec)

Absorptive materials in the form of Acoustic Panels or Ceiling Panels can help meet these goals.   The following sound control products were used by recent ATS Acoustics’ customers when designing their employee work spaces:

Unique images create comfortable employee lounges. (Jameson Interiors, TX)

Unique images create comfortable employee lounges. (Jameson Interiors, TX)

We’re here to offer unlimited design choices and customized options for your work space. Whether we turn a company logo into a one-of-a-kind piece of artwork or create a collage of multi-colored panels to brighten the room, we will make sure that the work space meets both your aesthetic and acoustical goals.