How to Reduce Noise in Coffee Shops

Coffee Panels

Imagine the regular customers that come to your coffee shop. To the right, there are friends catching up after not seeing one another for years. There’s a study group in the corner discussing new theories for their test the next day. Across the room, a business person is writing emails on their laptop. Coffee shops can be busy places, and as a result, coffee shops can be noisy places.

Places like coffee shops would greatly benefit from the use of acoustic panels. With the hustle and bustle of everyday life, sound can be lost in the sea of noises around you. That’s why acoustics matter. Customers want to be able to think. They want to be able to discuss important issues. With acoustic panels, the variety of noises surrounding you can be dampened, reducing the echo in the room.

Art PanelCoffee PanelTackable Panel


ATS Acoustics has products such as baffles to hang in ceilings, coffee bag panels, art panels that work well in coffee shops. These products will eliminate sound problems in the room by increasing clarity of conversations, and reducing overall noise. Additionally, some of our products like tackable acoustic panels, art panels can provide multiple applications for a community coffee shop, such as a bulletin or room decor.

So, imagine the regular customers that come to your coffee shop. You look up and see a young community member post an event on the tackable panel. You see a couple talking across the room, but can’t quite make out what they are saying. You watch the worker finish typing that email. You watch all of these individuals start their day.