Fitness and Dance Studio Acoustics

Spirit of Dance Studio uses Acoustic Panels to fill extra wall space.

The general nature of home gyms, weight rooms, dance studios, and fitness centers often consists of hard floors, drywall or concrete walls, and untreated ceilings.  Full-length mirrors and solid, iron equipment increase the rooms’ reflective surfaces.  Finally, since gyms are filled with moving bodies, pulsing music, noisy workout apparatus,  and conversation, the end result can often be a messy chamber of echo, reverb and commotion.

The key to treating a gym or similar space is to apply Acoustical Treatments to either walls or ceilings, or a combination of both walls and ceilings in order to incorporate absorptive materials amongst the existing hard surfaces.  This will allow a large percentage of the extra reverberating waves, or noise, to be absorbed, thus dampening the excess noise and echoes in the venue.

Revolution Studios uses Acoustic Art Panels on their rear wall.

Typical Acoustical Treatments

There are many easy and affordable acoustical treatment options available to suit the needs of all genres, shapes and sizes of fitness gyms.  This includes everything from spin, yoga and dance studios to kickboxing, weight-lifting and home workout spaces.

Soul 2 Sole Dance uses 4 inch Acoustic Panels to help with sound in their studio.

Typical treatments include Acoustic Panels in 2″ and 4″ thickness, Acoustic Baffles applied to the ceiling, Acoustic Art Panels or Custom Acoustic Panels.  Gym logos, studio themes, inspirational quotes, workout photos, and other images can be placed on Acoustic Art Panels, thus providing both a motivating message and an effective acoustical treatment. Alternatively, Acoustic Panels in our original and microsuede fabric will blend in seamlessly while supporting the acoustical needs of the room.

Studio BE Pilates suspends Acoustic Panels from their ceiling.

Reducing Reverberation and Echo in the Scott Herman Fitness Studio

We recently partnered with Scott Herman Fitness to improve the acoustics in his workout studio.  Scott posts weekly fitness videos, meal plans, and general health how-to’s via his YouTube channel and his website, Scott Herman Fitness. Due to the room’s spaciousness, hard surfaces and absence of absorptive materials, the sound in the workout videos featured low intelligibility and extreme echoes.  Scott’s goal was to reduce the long echoes and reverb in hopes of improving the acoustics in his popular fitness workouts and give his clients clear sounding videos.

The studio space was 62′ x 24′ with 16′ ceilings and planning needed to account for both audio and visual improvements.  Scott’s final treatment applications included the following:

  • 16 – 24″x 48″ x 2″ Acoustic Baffles
  • 16- 48″ x 48″ x 2″ Custom Acoustic Panels
  • 16- 24″ x 48″ x 2″ Acoustic Panels

Scott Herman Fitness Studio

Scott used his company’s brand colors on the panels and featured his Scott Herman Fitness logo on a few Custom Size Acoustic Art Panels.  The look was fluid, symmetrical and added to the aesthetics of Scott’s gym. Now Scott’s audience can hear him talk clearly during his workouts without the hinderance of echoes and noise.

Talk to our ATS Inside Sales Engineers or use our Online Room Calculator and get started with treating your own studio or fitness space.