Improve Intelligibility in Classrooms with Acoustic Panels

Acoustic Panels - An Easy Solution to Help Students Learn

Learning environments with excess reverberation and noise can affect a student’s understanding of lessons and discussions. ¬†Simple sound control applications can drastically improve classrooms with these types of noise problems.

The following are a few affordable and effective acoustical applications that can improve the acoustical design of a classroom and enhance a student’s quality of education.

  • Acoustic Panels are the most common sound control application and can be customized to meet size, shape, and fabric specifications.
  • Tackable Acoustic Panels function as both an effective sound absorber and a tackable surface.
  • Acoustic Ceiling Panels fit into standard drop ceilings and will upgrade the acoustical quality of a classroom without using wall space.

Additional acoustic treatment ideas for schools can be found on our Classroom Acoustic Panels application page.