Soundproof your Home Office with Acoustic Treatments

Working from a home office can be frustrating when faced with distracting household sounds and disruptions.  To maximize your work experiences in a home workspace, try a few of these soundproofing strategies.

Switch to a heavier door: Large amounts of noise can actually enter your home office through the bottom of your office door.  This can be easily fixed by switching your existing door with a solid core door designed to reduce noise.

Cover your floors: Floor coverings will help stop noise from bouncing around your office’s hard surfaces.  Add a carpet or a few thick throw rugs and make a big difference in dampening loud echoes.

Adding insulation to certain areas can help stop noise from entering your room.

Plug sound leaks: Noise can travel through the tiniest of gaps.  Acoustical sealants, such as QuietSeal Pro Acoustical Sealant, can be used to fill openings between ductwork, overhead lighting fixtures, and door casings. You can also apply acoustical putty pads around electrical outlets and water hookups. For additional soundproofing, fill the wall and ceiling cavities with insulation board, such as Acoustical Fire Batts.

Hang acoustic panels: Acoustic panels are an affordable and easy-to-install solution for soundproofing.  Be creative and use ATS Art Acoustic Panels to turn your acoustic panels into beautiful art images.  Alternatively, try ATS Tackable Acoustic Panels, a dual purpose sound treatment that offers a tackboard and a sound absorbing panel.

ATS Acoustic Panels will help soundproof your home office.

Even small changes can help create a quieter and more comfortable work environment in your home office.  If we can help solve your noise problems, please don’t hesitate to give us a call.