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Guilford of Maine Sona Acoustical Fabric

Guilford of Maine Sona Acoustical Fabric
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  • Made by Guilford of Maine, the best-known maker of acoustical fabrics.
  • Designed specifically for acoustical applications, this is a slightly lower thread count version of Guilford FR701 fabric.
  • Inherently fire resistant, 100% post-consumer recycled polyester fibers
  • 14.4 oz. weight per linear yard
  • 17 x 15 construction (thread count per inch)
  • Ideal for use in acoustical projects such as speakers, bass traps, and sound absorbing panels. Also suitable for home decorating and other projects.
  • Flammability: ASTM E84 Class I or A.
  • Sold by the yard. One yard is 60" wide by 36" long.

All our fabric ships unfolded on a roll. This helps a lot when the goal is a wrinkle-free finished result. (We’ve tried ironing fabrics - trust us, buy it on a roll and save a lot of trouble.)

For acoustics projects, the weave on this fabric is open enough to let the high frequencies pass through, but not so open that you can see through it. This is the same fabric used on both our ATS Guilford of Maine Acoustic Panels and our ATS Hardened Edge Acoustics panels, so if you’re looking to match our panels this will be an exact match.

Sorry, due to the nature of our cutting/packing process, multiple colors or multiple orders may not be combined to receive quantity discounted pricing.

Enter the desired number of yards in the quantity field. Comes in 60 yard rolls maximum, so any quantity over 60 will not be a continuous piece, but will be on more than 1 roll.

An ATS Acoustics exclusive, this special line of Guilford of Maine fabric offers superior sound absorption and an affordable price.

Price: $14.49
Currently ships within: 1 business day
Made in USA.

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Turn around time gave me whiplash and the quality of the pre-made panels was first rate.
- Jason T. from Iowa City, Iowa

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The Great Room is much, much better in terms of acoustics. Please thank your group for all their help and patience.
- Don , 
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