ATS Acoustics + Harmonia Distributions at AXPONA 2024

ATS Acoustics had the pleasure to collaborate with the amazing team over at Harmonia Distribution to treat three rooms for the their exhibit at Axpona2024. After discussing the audio equipment placement and Harmonia’s needs for each room, we decided to treat all of them with our ATS Guilford of Maine Acoustic panels. These panels will handle first reflections and absorb some of the low end to ensure that their attendees get the highest quality sound experience possible.

Since they anticipated more bass in their third room set up, we added several Corner Bass Traps as well. Corner traps are highly affective at low frequency absorption and since they are stackable they can be repositioned as needed throughout the event to customize the setup.

Harmonia distributes high-end, high-fidelity audio components. Their dedicated staff and specialized sales and support teams serve customers and retail partners all across North America.