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Fill-it-Yourself Frame - 24 x 36 x 4

Fill-it-Yourself Frame - 24 x 36 x 4
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ATS Acoustic Fill-it-Yourself Acoustic Panel frame in 24"x36"x4" inches.

Available in painted or unpainted. Choose painted panels if see-through, dark-colored fabric will be used.

  • Inside depth: 3.5 inches, total frame thickness: 3.75 inches, thickness after typical fabric install: 4 inches.
  • Actual frame dimensions: 23 3/4" x 35 7/8". Please note that these frames are designed to fit 2 layers of 2-inch Roxul AFB which allows for slight compression of the fill material at the edges. Rigid fiberglass boards, such as Owens Corning 703, will not compress to allow the insulation to fit flush within the frame. All insulation sheets must be trimmed down to fit within the frame’s length and width. After adding insulation and fabric, the frames will be 24" x 36".

Price: $25.45
We custom-build this item when you order.
Currently ships within: Same or next business day.
Made in the USA.


If you plan to install see-through, dark-colored fabric on your frames, the painted option is recommended.

Yes - Add $1.00
Open Back Option for FIY Frames

When panels are installed with an air gap behind them (often in a corner), and the open back option is selected, bass absorption will be increased. The cutaway photo below shows how our open back panels are constructed and what they will look like once you add insulation and fabric to the FIY frame.

Open-Back-Option - Add $3.00
Desired edge profile *

Panels with beveled edges have a 1/2-inch 45-degree eased edge around the entire rim of the panel. Panels with square edges have no bevel, like typical boxed art.




Talk about a difference!!! With limited space and even more limited budget, these panels were just the ticket to acoustically treat our two studios.
- Michael Kadenacy from Glendale, California

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Customer Comments

The children were telling us that it does not echo anymore when they scream. Several teachers were very pleased, and they look great.
- Longwood Central School District
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