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Microsuede Fabric 60-inch wide

Microsuede Fabric 60-inch wide
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High quality and very attractive 100% polyester microsuede fabric. 60 inches wide. No backing/liner.

Sorry, due to the nature of our cutting/packing process, multiple colors or multiple orders may not be combined to receive quantity discounted pricing.

Very rarely, manufacturing defects occur in a roll of this fabric. We cannot guarantee long continuous sections (i.e. more than 50 continuous feet) will be 100% defect free.

Enter the desired number of yards in the quantity field.

Quantity Pricing:
1-19 yards, $10.86/yard
20-39 yards, $10.31/yard
40 yards or more, $10.03/yard
Currently ships within: Same or next business day.
Made in China.

Desired fabric color *

Black Microsuede

Shell Microsuede

Camel Microsuede

Wine Microsuede

Mercury Microsuede

Sage Microsuede

Chocolate Microsuede

Navy Microsuede

Peat Microsuede

Terracotta Microsuede


I talk you up on all of the voice-over studio forums. And, you get your products out FAST!
- George from Los Angeles, California

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The Great Room is much, much better in terms of acoustics. Please thank your group for all their help and patience.
- Don
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