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Rotofast Standard Anchors

Rotofast Standard Anchors
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Like the Snap-on Anchors, the Rotofast Standard Anchors are highly effective at hanging sheets of fabric-covered Owens-Corning 703, 705, and Roxul Rockboard 60 without the need for wood frames or glue on the wall.

The Standard Anchor is unique in that each anchor is fastened to the substrate by turning the anchor through the front of the panel. The small diameter awl used to penetrate the panel face is sharp and highly polished. It passes easily through the panel face material, leaving a small hole that is easily hidden after completing the installation. Whether it’s a fine or coarse woven fabric, the hole can be closed by lightly by rubbing the weave back into position.

4 anchors are required per piece of acoustic insulation. Some people prefer 6 anchors per piece, especially when mounting thinner 1" insulation boards. All of the screws and drywall plug anchors that you will need for installation are included. For larger orders, we also offer Bulk 50-Packs, which is exactly how we receive the product from Rotofast, plus the screws and drywall anchors.

Installation Information

The Standard Anchors may only be used to hang the fiberglass and mineral wool insulation boards described above. The Standard Anchors may also be used to hang certain Hardened-Edge Acoustic Panels, but please note that installation requires you to pierce the front of the panel at each mounting point. If damage to the front of the panel is a concern or if the fabric does not have a weave that can correct for the hole, consider using the Snap-On Anchors instead.

These anchors may NOT be used to hang framed ATS Acoustic Panels (see our Acoustic Panel Installation Kits for that information).

Click here for mounting instructions.

Quantity Pricing:
1-24: $2.16 each
25-49: $2.04 each
50+: $1.92 each
Bulk 50-Pack

Made in Canada.

Rotofast Installation Tools

This tool kit is required to install the Rotofast Anchors. Unless you already have a tool kit on hand you need to select this option.

Rotofast Installation Tools - Add $5.95


Talk about a difference!!! With limited space and even more limited budget, these panels were just the ticket to acoustically treat our two studios.
- Michael Kadenacy from Glendale, California

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