Custom Size Acoustic Panels from ATS Acoustics

Sometimes a stock size acoustic panel just won't fit the bill. We make our acoustic panels to order right here in the USA, so we aren't limited to standard sizes, and we can make custom orders quickly.

Order exactly the sizes and options you need. Our skilled woodworking and upholstery teams will make them just for you.

Specs and Features

  • Highly effective sound absorption requires fewer absorbers to treat your space.
  • 1/4-inch wood back panel for easy mounting or hanging without glue. Wall-mounting hardware and instructions included.
  • Leaves no more wall damage then hanging a picture, ideal for temporary or rented space.
  • Attractive, textured cover fabric is 100% jute burlap, available in a range of stock and custom colors to match your style.
  • Combine sizes and colors in creative patterns for a unique and visually impressive look.
  • Quick easy shipping to anywhere in the US via FedEx (for most panels) or truck freight (for large sizes).


Our Professional Installation Kit or Z-Bar Acoustic Panel Installation Hardware is included at no extra charge. The hardware selection provided will be based upon your specified panel size. Hardware includes aluminum clips/bars, screws, and anchors for neat and secure installation on drywall, concrete, or wood walls. Follow the guides on the ATS Acoustics Custom-Size Acoustic Panel Installation page to determine the appropriate number and placement of installation hardware mounting points for your custom-size ATS Acoustic panels.

Please note, custom size items are non-refundable after we have started production on your order.

Currently ships within: 2 to 3 business days.

Choose your fabric color *

Click here if you want to see larger color images.

ATS Original fabric is a 100% Jute Burlap. If Fire Rating is needed, please select from one of the ATS Guilford of Maine colors.






ATS Microsuede fabric is a polyester fabric. If Fire Rating is needed, please select from one of the ATS Guilford of Maine colors.

Black Microsuede

Shell Microsuede

Camel Microsuede

Wine Microsuede

Mercury Microsuede
Sage Microsuede
Chocolate Microsuede
Navy Microsuede
Peat Microsuede
Terracotta Microsuede
Coconut Microsuede

ATS Art panels are only printed using our Art fabric, which is a white polyester.


ATS Guilford of Maine fabrics come standard with ASTM E84 Class A fire rating.

Guilford of Maine Pitch
Guilford of Maine Linen
Guilford of Maine Tan
Guilford of Maine Claret
Guilford of Maine Cream
Guilford of Maine Oyster
Guilford of Maine Latte
Guilford of Maine Light Blue
Guilford of Maine Blue Smoke
Guilford of Maine Platinum
Guilford of Maine Merle Grey
Guilford of Maine Warm Grey
Guilford of Maine Snow
Guilford of Maine Sandstone
Guilford of Maine Charcoal
Guilford of Maine Deep Ocean

To go beyond the fabrics we stock, you have the option to select Customer-Supplied fabric. With millions of style choices, you can select the perfect print and texture from any fabric supplier. Your chosen fabric may be subject to approval for suitability to our manufacturing process. Please contact one of our sales reps at 815-364-9579 for additional details.


Dimensions in inches.*

Please enter decimals (30.5) not fractions (30 1/2). Max dimensions 48 x 96. Final dimensions may vary up to 1/4". Please allow adequate clearance if fitting panels into tight spaces.

Length - Inches*

Width - Inches*
Select Thickness*

Desired Edge Profile*

Square Edge

Beveled Edge

Tackable Option*

Tackable panels allow papers and other light objects to be tacked to the surface with push-pins. This option adds 1/8" thickness and an additional charge. Note this option is not available for microsuede colors or art panels.

Yes - Tackable

No - Non-Tackable

Fire Rating*

Select the fire rating you require: Click for more info...

Fire rating comes standard with panels in Guilford of Maine fabric. Fire rating is not available with original fabric, microsuede fabric, or custom art panels.

Open Back Option*

This helps with corner bass-trapping configurations. Click here for more information. This option is not normally applicable to 2" thick panels since 4" panels are superior for bass absorption.

RUSH Production

Check here to have this item manufactured on a rush basis. Transit time in shipping is additional. Large quantities or certain options may require more time. We will contact you with a specific commitment date upon reviewing your order. Feel free to contact us before ordering for more information. We're happy to help.

Yes - Add 15%

Want something special? No problem!

Special fabric? Different core material? Custom shapes? Cutouts? You name it! Just give us a call at 815-364-9579.

Ships by: FedEx Ground
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Why ATS?

Customer Comments

The tiles are covered with micro suede and the design of the install is really cool looking.
- Allen, Colorado
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