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QuietGlue Pro (12PK)

QuietGlue Pro
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This is a case of 12ea quart sized tubes. If you don’t need a whole case we also carry individual tubes.

New on the market, QuietGlue Pro is a high-performance sound damping compound for use between layers of drywall or other building materials. QuietGlue Pro is less expensive than competing products, and at this point performance between QuietGlue Pro and competitor products is too close to declare a winner.

Apply at a rate of 2 tubes per 4x8 sheet of drywall.

Installation Instructions: Quiet Glue Pro Installation Instructions (PDF)

Quantity Pricing: $132.85/case.
For 3 or more cases, add desired quantity to your cart to view applicable pricing.
Currently ships within: Same or next business day.
Made in the USA.


"Just received my gray 24x36 acoustic panels...They are such great quality!...I’m pretty busy and based on my budget and how many I needed these are PERFECT!"
- Anthony from Imperial , Missouri

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My clients woud say it looked like a little city when they were looking at the ceiling
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