Recording Studio Acoustics

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Proper acoustic treatment can transform a muddy sounding room with poor midrange definition and erratic bass response into a room with clear, tight sound.

Acoustical Concerns in Recording Studios

There are generally a few similar goals for acoustic treatment in recording and mixing rooms:

Acoustical Products Used in Recording Studios

A mixture of absorption panels, corner traps or bass traps, and diffusers generally provides the best overall results.

Placing 2" thick or 4" thick Acoustic Panels at key reflection points with help reduce strong wall reflections.

Using Corner Bass Traps will help reduce the low frequency reverb time, and flatten the frequency response in the bass range.

Alternatively, open back 4” Bass Traps will also absorb low-frequencies. These traps are usually mounted slightly off of a flat wall or they are mounted to straddle a corner. Both our Corner Bass Traps and Open Back 4" Bass traps are available in either Full Range absorption or Low Range absorption.

Studio Stackers, our portable go-between panels, offer an easy solution to Bass Trapping. This unique gobo offers exceptional sound control by absorbing stray sound and excessive bass waves.

Adding diffusers to your room will help reduce comb filtering and flutter echoes. Diffusers are most commonly used on the rear wall behind the listening position, but they can also be used at first reflection points on the walls or ceiling.

Finally, if you're on a budget, Acoustic Foam Panels and Acoustic Foam Corner Bass Traps are also an affordable alternative for sound dampening in recording rooms.

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Hello ATS, I used your 2" 703 to build my DIY side wall and ceiling first reflection panels, seen here front view.
- Michael
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