Bulk Rotofast 50-Pack Polyester Panel Snap On Anchors

Rotofast Polyester Panel Snap-On Anchors in Bulk
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Price: $100.00
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Made in Canada.


Our Bulk Rotofast Polyester Panel Snap-On Anchors and hardware offer an easy solution to purchasing Rotofast in large quantities. We ship the anchors to you exactly as you would receive them from the Rotofast company except that we include the necessary screws and drywall anchors at no added cost. Rotofast Polyester Panel Snap-On Anchors make hanging polyester core acoustic panels fast and easy. Installation is quick - no need for wood frames, metal hangers, or glue on the wall.

Included in your Bulk Rotofast 50-packs are:
  • 50 Rotofast polyester panel snap-on anchors
  • 50 ratchets
  • 6 marking pins
  • 50 screws
  • 50 drywall plugs
  • one driver tool

Installation Information

The Polyester Panel Snap-On Anchors may only be used to hang polyester core or PET panels described above.

These anchors may NOT be used to hang framed ATS Acoustic Panels or hardened-edge panels (see our Acoustic Panel Installation Kits for that information).

Click here for full polyester panel snap-on installation instructions. (PDF)

Hey ats, I just put these up. Thanks for a good product!
- Paul

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Customer Comments

The children were telling us that it does not echo anymore when they scream. Several teachers were very pleased, and they look great.
- Longwood Central School District
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