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ATS Acoustics Putty Pads (10PK)

ATS Acoustics Putty Pads
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Acoustical putty for residential and commercial construction. Designed to maintain the performance of acoustically rated walls with penetrations such as electrical outlets, HVAC ducts, water hookups, and cables.

ATS Acoustics Putty Pads are a more affordable, easy to use acoustical putty on release paper for use around junction boxes. Wrap all boxes in acoustically rated walls with ATS Acoustics Putty Pads in order to maintain the highest STC ratings. Works in all designs including single and double stud, RC, clips, and QuietRock walls. Price shown is for a box of 10 pads. Each pad is 6" x 8" x 1/8" thick.

For bulk quantities, try our Bulk ATS Acoustics Putty Pads.

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Well done guys! I’ll be ordering a few more to create a mixing position cloud.
- David from Minneapolis, Minnesota

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We absolutely love how the acoustic panels turned out and think they add that special finishing touch to the space. We had a great experience working with ATS, and Adrienne our sales rep was the best!
- Jameson Interiors , TX
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