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ATS Tri-Corner Acoustic Bass Trap – 12’’

ATS Tri-Corner Acoustic Bass Trap – 12’’
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ATS Tri-Corner Acoustic Bass Traps are designed especially for use in the corners, where walls and ceilings meet. They can help reduce the boominess in rooms like home theaters and smaller production environments where sound can collect in the corners. The air gap behind each panel also adds to the bass absorption properties. We offer Tri-Corner Traps in 3 different sizes and a wide selection of colors so you can choose the size and color that best fits your needs.

Specs and Features

  • Highly effective as a broadband absorber
  • Fast and easy to install or relocate because of the virtually invisible magnet installation system
  • Flush mounts seamlessly in the corner
  • Frameless lightweight construction features a 6-7lb density fiberglass core
  • ATSM E84 Class A fire rating
  • Available in a wide range of fabric colors or custom specified fabrics


Our Tri-Corner Acoustic Bass Traps can easily be installed using the included hardware and pre-installed magnets. Each panel has magnets embedded on each side (under the fabric) which adhere to washers installed on the wall at the installation location. The magnets allow for convenient and easy installation. If you’re studio moves, your tri-corner bass traps can move with you. Click here for full installation instructions (PDF).

Absorption Coefficients

1/3 Octave Band Center Frequencies, Hz
Data from independent testing of this item by RAL, a leading acoustical laboratory.

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Price: $50.95
We custom-build this item when you order.
Currently ships within: 3-4 weeks.
Made in the USA.

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The first four colors of each fabric option listed are the stock colors. The remaining custom colors are made to order. Click here for larger color images or for details regarding Customer-Supplied fabric.

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I was pleased to see how well made they are, and even more pleased to discover how well they worked at eliminating slap echo and bounce.
- James from McAlpin, Florida

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We have your panels in three rooms....They are aesthetically pleasing and they help tremendously...
- Amy, Iowa
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