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ATS Tri-Corner Acoustic Bass Trap

ATS Tri-Corner Acoustic Bass Traps

ATS Tri-Corner Acoustic Bass Traps are designed especially for use in the corners where walls and ceilings meet. They can help reduce the boominess in rooms like home theaters and smaller audio or AV production environments where sound can collect in the corners. The air gap behind each panel also adds to the bass absorption properties. We offer Tri-Corner Traps in 3 different sizes and a wide selection of colors so you can choose the size and color that best fits your needs.


ATS Tri-Corner Acoustic Bass Traps are made from the same materials as our Hardened-Edge Acoustic Panels. With no internal frame, these panels are lightweight and easy to install. The construction of our frameless panels start with a rigid fiberglass core (6 pounds per cubic foot density), which is extremely effective at absorbing sound. Fabric is tightly and evenly stretched around the core to prevent any visual imperfections such as puckers or wrinkles. Borders are treated to form hard, impact-resistant edges. Our Tri-Corner Acoustic Bass Traps have 35-degree mitered edges for an easy and seamless installation into the corners of a room (where the walls and ceiling meet). All ATS Acoustic Panels are handcrafted in the USA to ensure the highest quality construction.

Sound Quality

On a scale of 0 (perfect reflection) to 1 (perfect absorption), the Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) of our 2-inch fiberglass core is .95. This rating represents exceptional sound absorption (95%) and the need for fewer panels, making them an economical and space-saving choice.


We offer a first-rate fabric that not only looks stunning, but also lets sound pass through easily to the absorbent core. The fabric is available in a range of colors to complement any decor.

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Key Features

2’’ thickness

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2’’ thickness

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2’’ thickness

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