Acoustics for Auditoriums and Assembly Halls

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The multi-purpose use of these rooms demands that they equally satisfy the acoustical needs during concerts, speeches, assemblies, theatrical performances, and public gatherings.

Acoustical Concerns in Auditoriums

The general nature of large rooms with tall ceilings, wide shapes, and multiple hard surfaces tends to create difficult listening environments. Sound waves bounce off of hard, reflective surfaces and create long reverberation and echo throughout the room.

Even with an expensive audio system, the sound is often muddy and unintelligible.

Our goal is to work within the confines of the room's existing construction and create an enjoyable listening atmosphere with clear, intelligible sound.

Acoustical Products Used in Auditoriums

Adding Acoustic Panels, Acoustic Baffles, or a combination of the two sound treatments will make a noticeable difference in speech intelligibility and sound quality. Our panels and baffles are available in a unique range of fabric colors and materials to suit your needs.

Acoustic panels are available in both a 2" and 4" thickness. Our larger acoustic panels, such as our 48” x 48" x 2” or 48” x 96” x 2” sizes, cover more wall area in a single application. For more information on larger sized panels, check out our Custom Size Acoustic Panel page. Custom sizes, custom shapes, and custom fabrics are no problem.

Acoustic Baffles attach to the ceiling or hang from the rafters. Baffles can be mounted in discreet areas and absorb sound on both sides of the panel.

Why not be creative with Art Acoustic Panels? School logos, event information, sports titles, or sponsor's advertisements can be printed on our Art Acoustic Panels. With the ability to attach graphics to the noise control treatment, your sound technology will seamlessly blend in with the existing environment.

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This home theater and listening room has been something I’ve spent years designing. Your panels were the icing on the cake. Thank you so much for providing such an effective and affordable solution.
- Paul
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