Say Hello to Snow

ATS Acoustics is happy to introduce a new custom color to our Guilford of Maine Sona fabric options, Snow. This new option allows ATS Acoustic customers to choose a clear and bright white color, as opposed to an off-white shade such as our Linen fabric. Our new fabric color option is available for original Acoustic Panels, Bass Traps, Stackers, and Acoustic Ceiling Panels.

Guilford of Maine is the best-known maker of acoustical fabric that specifically designs their products for acoustical applications. The weave on this fabric is open enough to let the high frequencies pass through, but not so open that you can see through it. Guilford of Maine fabrics are inherently fire resistant  and are a Terratex®  classified fabric. Terratex® designates fabrics that are made from 100% recycled or compostable material using increasingly sustainable manufacturing practices to produce a high quality product that is recyclable at the end of its useful life.

To learn more about our Guilford of Maine Sona Acoustical Fabric, click here.