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Acoustical Cloud Installation Hardware

Acoustical Cloud Installation Hardware
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Optional Drop-down Cables

Adding extra inches between the Acoustic Cloud and the ceiling’s surface increases the air space behind the panel which can effectively increase low frequency absorption. Suspending your Acoustic Cloud with either 6" or 12" steel suspension cables can also improve your room’s aesthetics by covering unsightly pipes and other ceiling fixtures.

Select Your Runner Size *

Your runner size should correspond to the length of your Acoustic Panel. For example, if you have a 4 foot long panel, choose the 4 foot runners. For custom cut sizes, please call 1-866-787-7881 and our customer service representatives will be happy to assist you.


Attaching ATS Acoustic Panels from the ceiling has never been easier with our Acoustic Cloud Installation Hardware kit. Each installation kit contains two angle iron runners and the corresponding amount of screws and washers, quick links, anchors, and toggle clips.

Optional Steel Suspension Cables

You can also choose to suspend your Acoustic Panel with 6” or 12” steel suspension cables. Without the suspension cables, your panel will hang between 2" and 3" off of the ceiling when using the included installation hardware.

Acoustic Cloud Installation Hardware runners are available in the following sizes: 2 ft, 3 ft, 4 ft, 5 ft, 6 ft, 7 ft, and 8 ft. Please select the appropriate runner length to match your Acoustic Panel in the drop down menu under the Price and Order tab.

Custom Size Runners

If you require specially cut angle iron runners for your custom sized panel, the price will be the same as the next larger runner size. For example, if you require a 7.5 foot runner, you will be charged the 8 foot runner price.


In recording rooms and music studios, typical installation is directly above the listening position or work space. The size of the Acoustic Cloud is not vital; however, we recommend installing one or several Acoustic Clouds to efficiently cover the width of the workspace below. For home theaters, Acoustic Clouds should be mounted at first reflection points (i.e on the ceiling halfway between the speakers and the listening position).

All you need is a drill for installation. It’s that simple!

This installation hardware is not suitable for hanging the fiberglass and mineral wool insulation board we sell. For mounting hardware for insulation board, take a look at our RotoFast Insulation Cloud Anchors.

"I was having a terrible time with the boominess in my ’’man cave’’, after adding a pair of really fine sub woofers to my audio system...."
- Evan from Mount Airy, Maryland

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On behalf of myself and my team, thank you ATS Acoustics for supplying us with these amazing panels and a big thank you to our community for the continuous support.
- Scott Herman Fitness , Massachusetts
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