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Fire-Rated Acoustic Panels

Building codes and local fire martials often require fire-rated acoustic panels in commercial spaces, gathering places, and public buildings.

We offer two lines of acoustic panels with a Class A fire rating. This is the best fire rating possible and meets or exceeds all relevant standards that we are aware of.

Acoustic panels with Guilford Fabric use commercial fabric on a rigid frame. Hardened-Edge Acoustic Panels use a frameless design many architects prefer. Both styles are fired rated.

We also offer fired rated ATS Acoustic art panels, custom-printed with any image or photo.

ATS Acoustic Panels with Guilford of Maine Fabric

ATS Hardened-Edge Acoustic Panels

ATS Acoustic Art Panels

Why ATS?

Customer Comments

It indeed was a pleasure working with Danielle and Cynthia! The two clearly know what they are doing. My wife Mary really likes the way they turned out.
- Hank, New York
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