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Acoustical Concerns in Gyms

Gyms generally have the following acoustical needs:

Many gyms, dance spaces, and indoor pools are constructed as large, open areas. They generally feature tall ceilings, hard bleachers, minimally treated walls, mirrors or glass partitions, and metal training equipment. Additionally, pools have the reflective properties of water.

Sound bounces off of these reflective surfaces and continues to bounce around the room, creating loud, noisy environments. This can affect personal comfort, group dynamics, and audio comfort.

Adding sound absorbing materials will reduce the reverberation and echo to create better sound across all types of functions.

Acoustical Solutions for Gym Acoustics

Wall treatments, such as Acoustic Panels, are available in different sizes, shapes, and materials - all of which will efficiently control side-to-side reflections and help get rid of annoying echoes. Be creative and use your school's mascot or your company's logo on our Art Acoustic Panels.

Treating the ceiling or ceiling hardware with Acoustic Baffles is an option for all types of gyms and training facilities. Baffles offer two exposed sides to absorb excess sound and have the following benefits:

Alternatively, suspend 2" or 4" thick Acoustic Panels from the ceiling. Use suspension cables to allow for sound absorption through the panel's backside and to help decrease echo and reverb.

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All are pleased with the result visually as well as in noise reduction.
- Dardenne Church
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