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ATS Movie Art Acoustic Panels

Images pre-selected by ATS Acoustics employees.


Whether it is a beloved antique, a bright and bold color, or a favorite song from the radio, every great design begins its journey with an inspirational piece. To help our customers find their inspiration, ATS Acoustics has put together a library of pre-selected images to build your room design. From offices to classrooms and home theaters to listening rooms, each pre-selected image has been chosen to either blend in with your design or serve as your stand alone piece. With images in black and white, color, or sephia tones our image library has choices available for any design aesthetic.


Deciding upon your design can take hours or days of pouring through information and options. Once the decision has been made, you are eager to begin. While customized images can add that personal touch to a design, they can cause delays in time-sensitive projects. ATS Acoustic panels with custom art have a standard production time of 3 to 5 business days after your proof has been approved. By choosing to go with a pre-selected image from our image library, the proofing process is eliminated, and the panels are shipped out our doors within 1 business day!


Built using the same manufacturing methods as our custom art acoustic panel, our pre-selected art image acoustic panels have not sacrificed quality for speed. With high resolution artwork printed in our dedicated art-on-fabric print shop and constructed in our panel manufacturing facility, each panel is handmade in the United States by our team of woodworkers and upholsterers. A fast turn around time, stunning image quality, and furniture-quality workmanship make these art acoustic panels a design must-have for any time-sensitive project.

Did you find inspiration, but you want to explore more options? View our art acoustic panel ordering guide or contact a sales representative to begin your journey through customized art panel options.

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