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The panels have really helped alleviate a lot of the reflective sound issues and visually "warmed up" our Sanctuary.
- East Side Community Church
Panels arrived today and thanks. Real nice!
- Michael
Thanks to the priceless ’piece-by-piece recommendations’ & guidance from VO Studio Tech WIZARD, George Whittam, of ElDorado Recording Services. I just jacked-up my Voiceover recording booth for a crisper, cleaner, DEADER sound with the addition of some beautiful, new acoustic sound panels from ATS Acoustics and removal of a bunch of clutter & useless dreck. Just sent off my first audition ’post-cleanse’ and man oh man, WHAT a difference! A few minor tweaks and i’ll be all set. Thanks George & ATS for helping me to take it to the next level!
- Mark
The panels are outstanding! Thank you for your consultation and working with my requirements. The panels were very easy to install as well!
- Ken from Syosset, NY

- Daniel
Easy to install, and the panels were in good condition when we opened the crate.
- Corflex, Quebec, Canada
I just wanted to thank you all for your professionalism, patience, customer service and great acoustic panels! They are now installed, looking beautiful and doing their job in our tasting room.
- Cinnabar Winery from Saratoga, CA
Hey ats, I just put these up. Thanks for a good product!
- Paul
I just wanted to let you know that we are extremely pleased with the acoustic panels that you made for us. The quality is amazing! The workmanship is superior! Delivery was lightening fast! I thought you might enjoy seeing some photos of how we used the panels in our newly renovated, small conference room. Thank you so much for all your help. It was a pleasure doing business with ATS Acoustics.
- Satisfied Customer
We put 5 panels in the hallway and the difference is quite marked. The Great Room is much, much better in terms of acoustics. Please thank your group for all their help and patience. Take care.
- Don
No more ceiling bounce at my home rig. Thanks ATS —
- Eric from Brooklyn, New York
Check out my new studio....with ATS Acoustics!
- Anthony
Rhonda and the staff were extremely helpful and wouldn’t accept my order until satisfied that there was enough resolution in my poster submission to meet “their” high standards! The last company I dealt with weren’t so concerned and the scan onto the acoustical panel was lopsided. It was incumbent upon me to fix it; they could learn a thing or two from ATS re: “Customer Satisfaction”! I’m totally pleased by the outcome of the ATS treatment & final result. As if the- “Best salesman is a Satisfied customer”, than consider me the best salesman here; no need to shop elsewhere. On top of that, the price was about 1/2 of what the other vendor charged me... Thanks Much!
- Larry A. from Queensbury, New York
I’ve been designing and building Low-Cost Recording Studio Furniture and items since 2005. I bought my "Naked" OC703 Panels from ATS and designed/built a Mounting Unit for them that ATS kindly shared on their website for years. I just received a bit of recognition in the June 2013 Sound On Sound Magazine in a DIY Article and want to thank ATS for their great products. One photo below and another to be posted.
- Bob from Bloomington, IL
Microsuede 24 x 48 Acoustic panels. I have six more along the front wall and plan on installing a cloud.
- Russell
I recently bought 4 acoustic panels and made some DIY studio gobos. They worked great on the first session. Thanks for a nice product at a great price.
- Shane
I purchased a 24x48 acoustic panel. It was so warped that it could not be hung. ATS quickly sent me another panel at no cost. Now I have 2 panels that are both warped, and cannot be hung. Think twice before you buy. Mike
- Michael from Seguin, Texas

Reply Comments: Hi, Michael. Thank you for your honest comments and for letting us know about this. We are so sorry that we let you down twice. We would really like to make this right in any way that we can. I’ve talked with Rhonda, the Sales Rep who handled your order, and suggested that she get in touch with you today with some ideas. Thanks again, Michael.
Thanks, ATS! Love my panels.
- Nick from Dallas , TX
Here’s some pictures of our studio project to show other customers what can be done with your acoustic fabric. Thanks ATS!
- Amber
I have installed the 12 pieces of 703 in the suspended ceiling grid after facing the panels with burlap left over from my original order. The result is spectacular !! The sound is clean and full. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate all ATS Acoustics has done to help me realize the playback experience I have wished for for over 3 years. I have attached some pictures. In the first one 2013-1 you can see the ceiling tiles. In some of the others you can see the floor to ceiling corner BASS traps. Thanks and have a GREAT Day !!
- Gary
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Thanks for the great acoustical panels! They worked wonders during our Madonna themed ride!
- Kim Bell, TX
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