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Superior low-frequency sound absorption.

Corner Bass Traps can be used horizontally or vertically where two walls meet, or where a wall meets a ceiling or a floor. It is also possible to stack two bass traps together in order to reach from floor to ceiling. ATS Corner Bass Traps feature highly effective low frequency absorption.

Studio Stackers can be stacked together to deliver exceptional sound control. They function as a portable bass trap and a portable gobo panel in one and absorb stray sound and excessive bass waves.

4-Inch Panels can also be used to absorb low frequency sound. These absorb across all audible frequency ranges, with an extra boost at the low end. They can be mounted flat on walls, or with the open-back option they can also be mounted across a corner. Corner mounting or other mounting with a space behind the panel will increase low frequency absorption.

Foam Corner Bass Traps are an affordable option for providing low frequency control and preventing standing waves in corners. Foam bass traps install easily and feature an NRC of 1.20.

Corner Trap
24 x 48

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Corner Trap
Custom Height
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Studio Stacker

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Bass Trap
24 x 24 x 4

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Bass Trap
24 x 36 x 4

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Bass Trap
24 x 48 x 4

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Foam Corner Bass Traps (2PK)
12 x 12 x 24

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Hello ATS, I used your 2" 703 to build my DIY side wall and ceiling first reflection panels, seen here front view.
- Michael, 
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