Acoustic Panels for Schools: Classrooms, Gyms, and Music Rooms

It’s that time of year again when the school hallways are filling up with eager students that are ready to take on the new school year. Between active PE games, hallway conversations, and music practice, schools can quickly become a noisy place. With ATS Acoustics products, the reduction in echoes and reverb will allow your students and teachers to resume their everyday activities.

In the classroom/hallways: 

The heart of every school resides in the classrooms where students absorb new knowledge every day. Learning comes in many different forms: answer questions, giving presentations, active games, and many more. To keep the focus on the content at hand, ATS Acoustic Panels will help take some of the extra noise that is moving around the room, keeping students to a minimum during this important time. Our panels also come in a variety of different forms that can assist individuals in the classroom, such as our Tackable Acoustic Panels. These panels have an additional high density layer that provides a tackable surface. This can especially be useful for teachers as a board for reminders, whether that be at their desk or around the room for students.  

At higher levels of education, moving from classroom to classroom becomes usual. Students are filling the hallways for five minutes every hour, trying to fit in a whole conversation with their friends in that time. For these reasons, acoustic panels would reduce the noise, eliminating the problem of individuals talking louder and louder because they can’t hear one another. Our acoustic panels come in many sizes to help squeeze into spaces such as above lockers or in small gaps. For spaces with an unusual size or shape, ATS Acoustics can transform the panels to fit exactly where they are needed most. 

In the gymnasium: 

Most young kids will tell you that PE is their favorite part of the school day. They get to run around, play games, and have fun! However, with the usual tall and open structure of a gymnasium, this area of a school can instantly be heard down the hallways at any school. At ATS, we recommend using acoustic panels to help absorb the sound that is bouncing off the hard gym walls. Our acoustic panels have an NRC of 1.0 out of 1, meaning that fewer panels are needed to treat your space. Our Free Online Room Acoustics Analysis will help you determine how many panels are needed for your gym. 

Because of the high ceilings that gymnasiums tend to have, another acoustic product that would be useful is the ATS Acoustics Baffle. These panels, unlike our original panels, hang from the ceiling using your preference of steel cables or plastic ties. These types of panels are especially useful because they absorb sound from both sides of the baffle. 

In the music room:

This specialty classroom is different from others in a school because it is meant for sound to be projected from individuals. Band instruments, children’s songs, singing voices: they all happen within this classroom. With different sound vibrations coming from a range of sources, different acoustical applications should be considered. The buzzing brass of a low pitched tuba is a very different sound from the voice of a soprano singer. 

With this in mind, a music director may want to think about the thickness of an acoustic panel. Our ATS Acoustic Panels come in two different thicknesses: 2” and 4”. While the panels with a 4” thickness has the same construction as our 2” panel, the extra thickness increases the absorption at low frequencies. 

Other products that ATS Acoustics uses to help address these differences are corner bass traps and studio stackers.  Corner bass traps are highly effective at absorbing low-, mid-, and high-frequency sounds. Additionally, our Low-Range Bass Traps absorb low frequencies while reflecting high frequency sounds. This product is perfect for placing in positions where two walls meet. For absorption from the floor to the ceiling, corner bass traps can be stacked. Similarly, studio stackers act as a portable bass trap and portable gobo panel all in one. This product is great for live performances, as it reduces the spillage between instruments and eliminates distortion. 


ATS Acoustics has a variety of products that will help you eliminate unwanted sounds and echoes for any area in your school. All of our acoustic panels have a multitude of fabric color options that you can choose from. This can become a fun way for schools to mix and match their school colors, or fade into the background of the walls! To start this project for your school, feel free to talk to one of our representatives at 866-787-7881 who can help you determine what is best for your space and school!