ATS Acoustics + Harmonia Distributions at AXPONA 2024

ATS Acoustics had the pleasure to collaborate with the amazing team over at Harmonia Distribution to treat three rooms for the their exhibit at Axpona2024. After discussing the audio equipment placement and Harmonia’s needs for each room, we decided to treat all of them with our ATS Guilford of Maine Acoustic panels. These panels will handle first reflections and absorb some of the low end to ensure that their attendees get the highest quality sound experience possible.

Since they anticipated more bass in their third room set up, we added several Corner Bass Traps as well. Corner traps are highly affective at low frequency absorption and since they are stackable they can be repositioned as needed throughout the event to customize the setup.

Harmonia distributes high-end, high-fidelity audio components. Their dedicated staff and specialized sales and support teams serve customers and retail partners all across North America.

ATS Acoustics + AmpsandSound at AXPONA 2024

ATS is proud to collaborate with Danielle and Justin Weber over at Ampsandsound, the creator of high fidelity vacuum tube amplifiers. We enjoyed working with them to provide acoustic treatment for their exhibit at Axpona2024.

Once we got to know what Danielle and Justin had in mind for their exhibit, we determined our 4-inch ATS Acoustics Panels would help them achieve the best results. These 4-inch panels have a higher NRC rating – 1.51 out of 1.0- which means they need fewer panels to get a better result in a small space.

Ampsandsound is a small family business but they have had a huge impact on the audiophile world. Inspired by japanese quality and craftsmanship, they have refined those amazing classic circuits into what they are today. Everything inside an Ampsandsound amplifier is intentional and nearly every part is capable of handling 200% more output than the circuit is designed for. They simply believe that good transformers sound better, just like we believe that good panels make a room sound better.

We wish Ampsandsound the best at this year’s Axpona and we hope the superior sound at their exhibit leads to many happy future customers as well.

ATS Acoustics + GT Audio Works

ATS Acoustics + GT Audio Works at Capital Audio Fest

Among this year’s exhibitors are our friends from GT Audio Works – Greg Takesh and Steven Rabitz.  We at ATS Acoustics have once again partnered with them to provide quality room acoustics to showcase their quality products.

About ATS Acoustic Panels

Supporting Greg’s speakers this year in the hotel’s Roosevelt room are ATS Acoustics panels in Guilford of Maine fabric .  Consisting of a flexible mineral wool core and internal wooden frame and back, the ATS Acoustics panels are finished with a 100% post-consumer recycled polyester fabric facing.  ATS Acoustic panels are available in a wide variety of colors and fabrics and are customizable to fit most customer needs. 

About GT Audio Works Loudspeakers

“The GT Audio Works loudspeakers are unique and innovative to the high-end audio industry. They are designed, created, and made by the founder of GT Audio Works, Greg Takesh. The speakers are commonly referred to as planar magnetic. The other half of the system consists of open baffle woofers with supplied 1,000 watt monoblock amplification and DSP control.  The main panels which are the planar magnetic part of the system feature hi strength neodymium magnets and a special composite membrane which contains the pure copper traces. Part of the success of the speakers is that they do not contain a crossover which inherently causes a loss of transparency with respect to the music and other issues relating to phase shift errors and inefficiency to the amplifier. The speakers were designed to use a well designed acoustical panel most importantly placed behind the speakers. This is necessary in order to tame the back wave of the sound which emanates not only from the front of the speaker, but from the back of the speaker. We have had the greatest success in achieving the best sound with ATS acoustical panels.” — Steven Rabitz, Sound Insight and GT Audio Works

For More Info

The GT Audio Works Owners Group on Facebook, as well as the Sound Insight High End Audio Facebook group, showcase customer systems and products.  Customer reviews and photos from across the country can also be viewed on the ATS Acoustics Website and Facebook page.

Fiberglass Acoustic Panels vs Foam Acoustic Panels

The most common types of acoustic panels are fiberglass panels with a fabric cover and foam panels. Knowing the differences between these types of panels will aid you in choosing the best option for your project. As a one-stop shop for your acoustical needs, ATS Acoustics carries both fabric-covered fiberglass acoustic panels and foam acoustic panels.

Here are some guidelines when choosing between our foam panels and our fabric covered panels.

1. Cost
Foam: For simple noise control, foam panels absorb the most sound per dollar invested. If the factors mentioned below are not a concern, foam panels will do the job for about half the price.

Fabric: These panels cost more due to factors listed below. Decide what’s best for your situation based on your budget and the factors below.

2. Appearance
Foam: These have a technical look suitable for control rooms, informal practice areas, and utilitarian spaces.

Fabric: These have an architectural look suitable for any space including living areas, home theaters, auditoriums, etc. More appearance options are available including custom-printed art acoustic panels.
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Now Offering 3-Inch and 4-Inch Hardened-Edge Panels

ATS Acoustics is now offering 3” and 4” Hardened-Edge Acoustic Panels as a customer-configurable option. These options are in addition to our 1” and 2” panels. ATS Hardened-Edge Acoustic Panels have no internal frame, making them lightweight and suitable for multiple mounting techniques. The construction and integrity of frameless panels starts with a rigid fiberglass core (6 pounds per cubic foot density), which is extremely effective at absorbing sound. Fabric is tightly and evenly stretched around the core to prevent any visual imperfections such as puckers or wrinkles. Borders are treated to form hard, impact-resistant edges. These additional custom features are in response to frequent requests from architects. With more design options, our Hardened-Edge Acoustic Panels will work for any job!

Features and Benefits:

  • Panels conform to the industry specifications and standards most commonly used by architects—no guesswork, no surprises.
  • Lightweight, frameless panels have a rigid fiberglass core (6 pound per cubic foot density), extremely effective at absorbing sound.
  • High Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) means exceptional sound absorption and the need for fewer panels.
  • Fabric is tightly and evenly stretched around the core to prevent visual imperfections such as puckers or wrinkles.
  • Borders are treated to form durable, impact-resistant edges.
  • Panels are handcrafted in the USA to ensure the highest quality construction.
  • Guilford of Maine is the industry standard in acoustic fabric with an ASTM E84 Class A fire rating and a sleek, commercial-grade polyester weave.
  • Panels are easy to install on a variety of surfaces and leave little damage when removed—no more than hanging a picture.
  • Multiple installation options available for all of your project needs.
    We offer custom shapes and sizes built to your specifications.

Soundproofing vs Sound Absorption

The term “soundproofing” is often used informally to mean either “sound isolation” or “sound absorption”. These two meanings are quite different, and achieving sound isolation requires different treatments or room modification that achieving sound absorption.

Sound waves typically projects from their source in all directions. While some sound travels directly to the destination of interest (e.g. a microphone, another individual, etc.), most of the sound bounces in all directions between surfaces within the room. Some sound may escape through gaps or openings in the room surfaces, and some may be transmitted through/by the structures of the rooms walls, floor, or ceiling.

After some delay due to additional travel distance along this path of many reflections, those reflected sounds may reach the destination of interest. The resulting effect is many copies of the sound arriving at slightly different times, and we call this “reverb”. With each reflection, some frequencies will be absorbed and scattered differently than others, giving each room a different tone to its reverb characteristics.
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How Many Acoustic Panels do I Need?

Most of our customers want to solve the acoustical problems in their rooms, without spending more on acoustics panels than they need to. An accurate analysis of the room’s acoustics provides a prescription for how many square feet of acoustic panels the room needs, without relying on guesswork or trial-and-error.

The key factors that influence the amount of acoustic treatment required are 1) the intended uses of the room, 2) the size of the room including the ceiling height, 3) the surface materials in the room (types of flooring, wall, and ceiling materials present).

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Acoustic Panels for Schools: Classrooms, Gyms, and Music Rooms

It’s that time of year again when the school hallways are filling up with eager students that are ready to take on the new school year. Between active PE games, hallway conversations, and music practice, schools can quickly become a noisy place. With ATS Acoustics products, the reduction in echoes and reverb will allow your students and teachers to resume their everyday activities.

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Types of Acoustic Panel Mounting Hardware

At ATS Acoustics, we deliver all of our panels with the hardware that you will need for mounting. Our included Installation Template is easy to follow and will help you hang your panels quickly and safely. However, if you have decided to make your own acoustic panels, you want to be sure that you purchase the correct mounting hardware for your type of panel and know how the hardware works. At ATS Acoustics, we have many kinds of hardware needed for your DIY project. 

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How to Install ATS Acoustic Panels

Is this your first time hanging an ATS Acoustics wall panel? With a little planning and our enclosed template, the task of installing panels doesn’t have to be daunting This post is a step by step guide on hanging a standard acoustic panel (square/rectangular shape with a wood frame and lauan backing). 

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